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Introductory blog

Blogging is a new thing to me and this little business of mine but I think I am going to enjoy it.

It's a rainy evening so I'm stuck inside for now. My dryer just jingled its little tune letting me know my clothes are dry but I really don't want to fold I'm writing my first ever blog for The Little Prop Shop - Vintage Rentals. I feel like I'm in college all over again because I'm staring at my computer screen waiting for the words to come and I'm picking at my finger nails. Some things never change but the one thing that has is that I have forgotten some grammar and punctuation rules since those college papers days.

So back to The Little Prop Shop --> We are a specialty rental business located in northeast Tennessee who offer upholstery, maternity gowns, and various other special items. In November 2015, when we started, we only rented our items for general photography. We were completely turned off to the wedding industry and had no desire to offer wedding specific items. I'm not completely sure what changed our minds but here we are booking weddings and really enjoying it. We have several weddings coming up that will be utilizing our upholstery for lounge seating areas. If you have looked through our inventory, you may have noticed already that upholstery is our love language. It always has been, even before we stepped into the wedding world.

Our biggest purchase to date and maybe our most exciting is our French Bistro Chairs. We have 100 being delivered to us soon and we cannot wait to see them. I'll be talking a little more about them in a later post.

We have dreams, goals, and plans for The Little Prop Shop and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Stay tuned for more updates! I'll be posting as I find time and have juicy news to share with you ;) We hope you will leave us a comment below. We would love hear from you!